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New Music: Isabella – Rain On Me

12 Mar, 2018

With eight excellent albums under her belt and a plethora of reputable awards to her credit over the years, Isabella Melodies has definitely become one of the most respected voices in the African Gospel music community. By the grace of God, Isabella has consistently delivered Scripture-based and spiritually sound songs of worship with great depth and sincerity which have impacted lives across the globe. “Rain On Me” is no different.

According to Isabella, ‘”Rain On Me” is a spontaneous cry for revival that was birthed during a recording session in the studio. In an age of widespread spiritual apathy and new age ideologies, “Rain On Me” is a simple but desperate prayer for a spiritual awakening. The message of the prayer-song is Revival, which is the heart cry of every remnant of Jesus Christ in these endtimes.

Our prayer is that this song quickens your spirit and awakens/reignites your passion for Jesus Christ, The Rainmaker (Zechariah 10:1)”


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