Five Amazing Facts About Nigerian Gospel Singer Preye Odede

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Preye Odede is one of the top names in the Gospel Music Industry in Nigeria and, indeed, his music and name have crossed the shores of Nigeria and ring bells across continents.

Preye was born in his home town of Isampou, Ekeremor, Bayelsa State and resides in Port Harcourt. He earned a degree in Microbiology from Abia State University, Uturu.

1. Ebezina is the story of his life

“Ebezina” is Preye Odede’s most known song. The lyrics sing of hope and the nearness of the loving omnipotent God. “Weeping may endure for a night,” he sang, “Joy gonna come in the morning.” Preye has said in many interviews that that song speaks of his life. “Life became very difficult to the extent that I did not even have money to renew my rent and the only option was to sleep in a church,” he told A1 Radio. Besides sleeping in the church, the singer has also slept in the kiosk along with his siblings. “The lady does the selling in the morning and we sleep there in the night.”

2. Preye Odede has a narrow escape with the occult world

He now sings songs that worship God and uplift his name. It has not always been that way for the star. While in school and after studies, Preye passed through mini hell. It wasn’t just him. His entire family was in dire want. He had no job, little money and even less prospect of landing a job. This was when he faced a lot of temptations of all kind, one of which was to join the circle of occults.

“I was on the verge of falling,” he said. “I was supposed to be initiated and somehow God delivered me.” And God blessed him as well as he soon got a church from a member of the church he was ministering.

3. Preye Odede Owns The Script Music Label

While you must have mostly associated Preye with Honesty Music Entertainment Limited, been part of its all stars, the fact speaks of another music label belonging to the star. The Script Music founded in 2016, with the slogan of “The word to the world” makes its mandate clear.It is a one-star music label, for now. Preye is big enough.

4. Preye doesn’t believe in celebrities

Perhaps because he is a Christian music artiste who must ascribe all the glory to God, Preye Odede is not that musician who is moved by fame and affluence. Preye who is exceptionally popular in Ghana, even more than he is known in Nigeria made this view known on stage in the former country.
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“There is no celebrity in Ghana,” he said, using Ghana as the generic world. “God is the only one who has the power to do and undo,” he added. “Beyoncé and the others are not celebrities.” Many will not agree with him on this aspect as to them Beyoncé is a not just a celebrity but a goddess. The “Oshimiri Atata” singer is unlikely to lose sleep over this.

5. Two albums and counting

Preye has two albums to his credit. The first, My Script came out in 2013 and had singles that he wrote and released as far back as 2009 including the famous “Ebezina”. Other songs in this album include “Onye Di Ka Gi” and “Na to You”. On the whole, the album has fourteen tracks.



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