Uk-based Gospel singer Eric Reverence signs new contract with Ninefruit Records

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Singer, composer, and worship leader Eric Reverence is known for his cross-cultural style of Christian music that fuses elements from pop gospel and soft rock, injecting contemporary gospel and worship with a blazing energy that is making him among the most influential tastemakers in his field.

There is very little that is ‘traditional’ about the way Eric approaches music and ministry, defying categorization with an effortless creativity. His rise to success has also seen him tour and minister at international events around the world including the USA, Canada, Italy, Netherlands and Ghana.

With so much already to his credit, it is no wonder that Eric Reverence has now been snapped up by Nine fruit Records in a new contract signed recently. Not one to waste any time, Eric has also started work on his next album which should be released later this year, followed by a UK and international tour.

Tanya Palmer, Label Executive, said, “NineFruit Records is very excited to have the opportunity to work with Eric Reverence. We feel Eric has a very promising and exciting future in music and to be a part of that journey is really exciting for us. Eric is currently in the process of recoding a new album and his first through NineFruit, which is due to be launched later on this year. So far listening to Eric in the studio has been great and is really showing his potential. Keep a look out for Eric’s encouraging messages on his social media as you will also see how his album is going and when his launch comes up.

The album will be produced using the world’s largest Audient, owned by Ninefruit Records. (See image above)

Over the past years, Eric has amassed a legion of fans while blasting down musical barriers and drawing together people of all races, ages and cultures through worship. Producer Chris Palmer commented, “We couldn’t be happier to work with Eric, he has a big heart for God and writes great songs and his constant happy and positive personality makes him a pleasure to work with. NineFruit Records are really happy that Eric has decided to sign to our label having been friends for a long time we have already seen him doing incredible things, not just in the UK but worldwide. We are really excited for the future we see him achieving.”

Though Eric grew up from a very abusive family, his greatest desire or wish was to disprove the usual saying to him “You are useless, you can never make it in life”. The scars from his childhood created a fear which compromised his confidence until the day he was given the microphone to perform in Church. He found healing through music the rest as they say is history.”

Eric had this to say, “I am really excited about this new contract with Nine Fruits Label and I want to thank Chris Palmer & Tanya Palmer for believing in me and the vision which God has for me. I am also over the moon and blessed to have Joel Cana & Josh Cana (both play for Philippa Hanna) who are the team behind the production of my album. A massive thanks to all my amazing fans and especially my Reverence Team, Noel Robinson, Ibe Giant Killer, Steve Alexandra Smith, Sandra Godley, Nayaah, Sandra & Syble Ramsey, Pastor Steve & Life City Church who have been very instrumental to my life.”

He went on, “A special thanks to my family and close friends who have been very supportive and always encouraged me. Most importantly, to my wonderful wife who has been my rock and the woman behind my success, I appreciate and thank you so much for everything. To my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the reason behind everything, I give you praise and adoration because you are worthy to be praised. This album is going to be awesome and the songs are going to take praise and worship to a different level. I can’t wait!”

You can catch Eric Reverence with special guests Sandra Godley, Nayaah and more at his next live show. Tickets are FREE but you must register – SPONTANEOUS WORSHIP – An Evening of Non-Stop Worship

Come let’s celebrate Eric’s new signing. See you there!


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