Nayaah Returns With “You Are The Pillar” Release On September 8

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2014 Prosperity Gospel Award winner Nayaah is back to steal the ears, hearts and send those heart rushing, soul shaking sparkles up and down our spines like never before. Catching the attention of most from a tender age of 10, This Ghanaian Gem is set to peel our spirits from our earth suits and suspend us into the Rhelm of Glory with her brand new single “You are the Pillar”.

To most, the fundamentals of performance in development are usually brought through years of coaching, followed by up by trial and error and usually left in the dust as golden memories of washed out dreams. Thus, In Nayaah’s life, she has proved more purpose and continuity – the waves of challenge have never diminished or swept her calling away. The blessings just keep on flowing.

The richness of culture, passion of a nation and the emanating shine of character soak every song served with love and a true definition of truth. For starters the energy of the compositions and live performance catches the eye and ear leaping from track to track, presented by the thunderous heavy weight producer Kwami Keys. The main course routed in Nayaah’s powerful voice, with a bass note of southern soul, essences of Alicia Keys and the revs of Aretha Franklin. The desert comes in two parts – The high notes projecting the  listener into a sweet sovereign state of bliss and healing, the second part being the after taste of restoration. A journey recommended for all music enthusiasts to taste.


Dominating Ghana, Africa, and taking Nigeria by Storm, it is no surprise Nayaah brought a whirl wind of success from the east as she began to minister in the U.K.

“These songs are addictive”, one fan states. “Healing, Power and Glory” are routed between each review from others who have sat in the Presence of the Lord that Nayaah so gracefully beckons.

The award winning drive (including being nominated for artist of Excellence Europe 2017 for African Gospel Music Media Awards and discovery) forms a foundation in her is her self proclaimed love for wining souls for the Kingdom of God. There are elements of a revolutionist when she speaks, and in all certainty, we can see that she has came through battles most would fold in. The mix of flavours stream lining gospel, contemporary worship and R&B are a melting pot of pure gold seen as her smooth and priceless voice can tell of way more than just heart break or loss of love.


Nayaah has something to say that urges us to listen and this year standing strong with “Prosperity Gospel Award for Best Female Artist”, the much appraised GomaAward (Gospelite Award) in Nigeria, “Praisetek Gospel Music Awards for Praise and Worship” and the “Prestigious Africa Gospel New Discovery Award” under her belt. What better way is there to say something but by releasing her brand new Single? This follows the ground breaking predecessors “Odomankoma”, “You’re Great” and “God is not a man”.

On September the 8th this year, open your laptops, press the home key on your iPads, and let your fingers find “You are a pillar” on itunes on your phones and other relevant single release download sources. Get your dancing shoes on, you’re in for an exuberant experience of fresh Praise. This world wide release out


of Europe is a courageous and predestined follow through, that will surely cause her to carry the mantel of her influences such as Darlene Zschech and Juanita Bynum as she ministers to this generation.


Nayaah has started a fire within the gospel music scene that just keeps on rising, and with this; remember, remember the 8th of September.


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